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Commercial Air Ducts

Your duct system distributes cold or hot air throughout your business. When working correctly, the duct system should distribute air evenly and your business should reach the desired temperature as quickly as possible. However, if your ducts have leaks, your furnace or air conditioning system will have to run harder to get to the desired temperature. Additionally, a leaky duct system can lead to some rooms being too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter.

Trunk Line Sealing

Once the problem areas in your ducts have been identified, Air Woodlands A/C & Heating can provide duct sealing. Duct Mastic is a sealant designed for use on ductwork and will eliminate air leakage through gaps or seams in the duct system. Once these leaks are sealed, your system will operate much more efficiently and will do a better job keeping all the rooms in your home the same temperature.

Trunk Line Repairs

When you choose Air Woodlands to inspect and service your air ducts, you can expect our experienced and knowledgeable technicians to find the problem and provide effective solutions. We provide repairs and sealing measures that restore the air ducts to their complete functionality so that they perform even better than they did originally.