Helpful Tip 101

This is a Contactor

Whenever your thermostat sends a "call" for cooling, this is the device that allows the outdoor condensing unit to power up and

turn on.

This particular one is defective. It was allowing dangerous amounts of high voltage to bleed over into the safer low voltage, or "control" voltage side. It caused damage to the thermostat, and also the main furnace control board . The owner could have avoided the costly, unexpected repair had they had a spring, or summer check up by our experienced trained technicians!

Call Air Woodlands A/C & Heating today for your check-up and avoid heat of summer cooling system failure's!

(281) 367-8135

Helpful Tip 102​

Thermostat Batteries

Just a friendly reminder that most digital thermostats run on Batteries. You should replace your batteries once a year to be on the safe side.

A weak batter can cause corrosion, Short Cycle Unit, or Just leave you Not Cooling Properly.

So replace your batter if you know how, or give us a Call (281) 367-8135 , we are happy to come out and teach you how.